NHL13 HUT Companion App – Review

Posted on Apr 13 2013 - 10:06pm by Cody Labelle

Buy & Sell on your Smart Device from Anywhere!

The NHL13 HUT Companion App is great for when you are traveling and you want to go on and buy some stuff from the Auction House. Although this is a really useful app for when you can’t go onto your console, there are some restrictions.


The restrictions are you can’t send any trades, which in my opinion kinda sucks. I always like to trade players to make profit. At least you can still buy and sell with the Hut App.


The only true advantage that I can find is that you can search for National Team Information, which really doesn’t matter that much but you can’t do it on your console. It really only helps with collecting National Teams. I’ve taken some screenshots of the companion app on my iPhone so you can see what it looks like.

Hut app    hut App 2013     2013 Easports hut app    easports hut app    search hut app 2013    20130413-230401.jpg    20130413-230406.jpg    20130413-230412.jpg     20130413-230417.jpg    20130413-230423.jpg    20130413-230432.jpg    20130413-230437.jpg

20130413-230451.jpg    20130413-230456.jpg    20130413-230510.jpg     20130413-230516.jpg     20130413-230528.jpg    20130413-230535.jpg    20130413-230541.jpg    20130413-230546.jpg    20130413-230553.jpg    20130413-230558.jpg    20130413-230603.jpg    20130413-230611.jpg

20130413-230617.jpg    20130413-230622.jpg