How to Make fast Easy Coins on NHL 17

Posted on Oct 29 2016 - 10:04pm by Cody Labelle

With the release of NHL 17, we have taken our time this year to find the best ways to make coins in NHL 17. Below are the best methods that we have found to be the best when it comes to making easy coins in NHL 17 HUT.

Method #1 – Hour Mark Method

So the first method is one that works every year. This method involves going on the market to the hour mark and looking for players that have been put up for the wrong price. For example, if a player usually sells for 10k and he has been put up for 5k buy-it-now. You would buy him for 5k and try to sell him for 10k making a sweet profit.


Method #2 – 30 Second Mark

Lots of people don’t know this or even realize that it’s possible. But lots of players sell for way less than what they’re worth through bidding. If you just search into the auction house and have a look at the bids on the players about to expire it is almost guaranteed that you can find a good deal on a player.


Method #3 – Sets

Sets are a new addition to NHL 17, in replacement of team collections. The best sets for making money are the collectible sets for Gold Collectables. They require 10 arenas, logos, coaches or jerseys. Gold collectibles hold a value of around 5k, so if you are able to complete one of the sets getting each card for less than 500, you will make a profit. For example, if you get 10 jerseys for 400 coins each, it would cost you 4k to complete the set. But in the end, the set would give you an item worth 5k making you a nice profit of 1k.

Method #4 – Movember Cards

Every year, EA releases Movember cards that receiveĀ upgrades throughout the year making their value increase the longer you have them. For this method, you buy Movember cards and wait until they get an upgrade. Once they get an upgrade they should increase in value to match whatever their new card is worth. Note, you can keep selling and buying the same card as new cards generally have an inflated value and will decrease slightly over time. Going by this fact, you can sell the Movember card and wait until it decreases in value, buy it back then wait until it gets another upgrade, then repeat!