How to level up fast in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

Posted on Nov 4 2016 - 3:13pm by Cody Labelle

The newest instalment of the Call of Duty series, Call of Duty: Infinite Warefare, just dropped today and everyone is wondering “How can I level up fast in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare?”. Below are some tips to help earn the most xp in the least amount of time.

1. Completing challenges can yield a great amount of xp. By focusing on certain challenges, you’ll be able to earn extra xp just by using a certain gun or by playing a certain game mode. And once you complete a challenge, new ones will become unlocked allowing you to earn even more xp!

2. Find a game mode that suits your play style. If you are a run and gun player who blazes into enemy territory every chance they get, your best game mode will be something fast paced like team death match. If you’re an objective team player and takes it easy, your best game mode would be a slower paced game mode like domination or search and destroy. Just keep trying game modes until you find one that your are good at or one that you really enjoy and that can help earn more xp.

3. Make sure your settings are adjusted to help you play the best. If you find that people are always killing you from behind and you have no time to turn around and shoot back, you might want to raise your sensitivity so you can turn around faster. Also there are different button layouts to minimize finger movement like bumper jumper tactical for example.

4. Play with a squad. Playing with a group of people that you know can help win games and get match win bonuses. By winning more games you will earn more xp from your match bonuses. Winning games grants more xp than losing games, so if you’re trying to grind out xp, winning is crucial.

5. Find a weapon that you’re good with. If you’re like me and you are better with a sniper than an assault rifle, go with a sniper or whatever you’re the most successful with. By using a gun that suits your play style or gamemode you’ll be able to get more kills and capture more objectives helping you earn more of that precious xp.
If you have any tips that we missed or if you have any questions, leave a comment in the comment section below!