Changes Fifa 14 Needs to Make!!!

Posted on Apr 17 2013 - 11:18pm by Daniel
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FIFA 14With NHL 14 being announced recently we were all expecting to see what else EA had in store for us this year. Being a long time owner of Fifa games i’m not expecting lots of new stuff with Fifa 14 this year other then some new ways of playing the game. Long live the basics, right? So knowing that its not something to get too excited about all though i am excited to see what kind of things EA will bring to the table in Fifa 14. Saying that I would like to express some things I would like to see happen in this next update.

My Top Four Idea’s for Fifa 14!

  1. I cannot stress this enough EA but… FIX YOUR SERVERS. If I had a nickel for every time I disconnect from my opponent, fail to connect, or even some Fifa 14glitch that clearly does not count a goal when I score based on your server mishaps, I would be a very rich Fifa 14 player!
  2. Make the game fair! All Fifa players know that feeling when you start your Fifa Ultimate Team (FUT) and you are matched with someone that is very experienced player, that has all the good players. Make FUT level based, or just match people with similar W/L ratios. It will make the game fair and enjoyable for everyone, beginner or experienced.
  3. Keep the basics and don’t make it too realistic. Many will disagree with me but come on, it’s still a game. If you wanted to play a real game of football go out and do it. It gets annoying to me when they try to make a game like real life. I like fast paced action and using strategy and skill.
  4. Keep Fifa, Fifa. dont change too much in risk of making it better just take Fifa 13 and enhance it a bit, no need to ruin an already good game.

So hope you guys our excited for this game cause I am. Remember to pick up the game later this year.

Staff writer – Daniel G.

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