World of Warcraft – Upcoming Reviews

Posted on Apr 27 2013 - 9:43am by Cody Labelle
  • Graphics
  • Playability

I have been playing  World of War Craft (WoW)! World of WarCraft will take us a while to reveiw in full as it is a huge game. So far so good it is very interesting and challenging to play. For any of you that don’t know World of Warcraft is an online RPG. The total cost for the game depends on which and how many expansions you have. Anyways because the game is just insanely huge I cannot make one post about it. So from now on, every day I will make a post about something in WoW. Like for example a review on battle pets ,dungeons etc. So expect a brand new post every day about WoW!

Also for any of you who play WoW… has made a WoW Guild. If any of you are interested it is a Blackhand Realm guild. If you are on that realm and would like to join leave a comment with your in-game name and when you will be on so CGW can invite you!