World of Warcraft – Children’s Week Event Review

Posted on Apr 28 2013 - 8:47pm by Cody Labelle
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Starting on April 29th, 2013, World of WarCraft (WoW) has announced Children’s Week will return with the same quests and rewards. There are a total of 6 quests, and 6 achievements for this event.

You can also get the title “Matron” or “Patron” for completing the 6 achievements. The 6 achievements are pretty straight forward so I won’t say much about them. Depending if you are in the horde, or in the alliance will determine which Orphan BattlePet (that can’t attack) you will receive. If you are in the alliance you can get a Human, or a Draenei Orphan. And if you are in the horde you can get a Blood Elf, or an Orc Orphan. To pick up your orphan just go to an orphanage.

For each orphan there is a different set of quests, and at the end of all of them you get to pick one of the four companion pets(that can’t battle). The Blood Orphans, and The Draenei Orphans get Companion Pets that can be used at level 60+. The Companion pets are Legs, Eggbert’s Egg, Sleepy Wily, and Elekk Training Collar.

The Human Orphan, and The Orc Orphan can get a Battle Pet that can be used at level 10. They are Snail Shell, Piglet’s Collar, Rat Cage or a Turtle box (don’t worry it comes back every year so you can get a new pet every year!).

Any one can get the Pandarian Orphans (Neutral Orphans) and there is a Oracle Orphan and Wolvar Orphan. The Oracle Orphan gets a Curious Oracle hatchling and the Wolar Orphan get a Curious Wolvar pup.

Both of the neutral rewards can be used at level 70+. I think I’ve covered just about everything. If you guys have any comment or suggestions leave them below 🙂

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