World of Warcraft – AddOn Review – Super Guild Invite

Posted on May 6 2013 - 7:00am by Cody Labelle
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World of Warcraft – AddOn Review – Super Guild Invite

 Super Guild Invite FREE Download

Super Guild Invite is a GREAT World of Warcraft AddOn for starting your World of Warcraft Guild. The AddOn is quick and super easy to use. It can really help you get your World of Warcraft Guild started, SERIOUSLY! It can help you get 50+ guild members per day easy and effortless! There are many different features with this World of Warcraft AddOn like being able to search what level, race and class of player you want to look for. Also you can add a personalized whisper to your invite so when you send it the person will get an invite and a whisper! Here’s how you install an AddOn

super guild invite

P.S. you can change the level search by scrolling your mouse 🙂