NHL 13 HUT – How to Play the Market and Make Pucks!

Posted on Apr 12 2013 - 6:39pm by Cody Labelle
  • Bronze Pack Method
  • Quick Sell Mothod
  • Rookie Superstar

How to Play The Market

There are many ways that you can play the market. I’m just going to talk about a few that I like to do.


Bronze Pack Method

Okay for this all you are going to do is buy bronze packs and sell the contracts that you get. You can also sell training cards but usually they won’t sell unless its a +5. Also the odd time you will pull a Captain card and easily double your money.

Here are the prices I sell contracts at.EA Sports NHL13

6-7 Games: 100 Start/150 Buy It Now

8-9 Games: 150 Start/ 200 Buy It Now

10-12 Games: 200 Start/ 250 Buy It Now


Quick Sell Method

For this method all you do is put max search price to 150 and then toggle ahead to the hour mark of offers. Once there go back and forth to refresh the page and put 100 bids on all the rare players. The rare players have a silver spine and quick sell for 145 pucks. After you get all your players for 100 pucks you just quick sell them all for 145 each. (I found a glitch to make it easier to quick sell: Press “A” or for PS3 “X” then press “B” or for PS3 “O” quickly after hitting “A” or for PS3 “X” but leave one player then just press “A” or for PS3 “X” and quick sell all the players in one big group instead of individually)


Rookie Superstar

This is a glitch where the game thinks its on Superstar difficulty when its actually on Rookie difficulty. For PS3 players: A=X, B=O RT=R and X=□

Step 1: Go to single player and advance

Step 2: Go on the other team and press RT

Step 3: Press X

Step 4: Just keep pressing “A” until it puts you into the game.

Step 5: Win and repeat!