NHL 17 Movember Cards

Posted on Nov 1 2016 - 2:45pm by Cody Labelle

With it now being November, EA, as expected, has announced that Movember cards will be back in NHL 17!

What we know.

The cards should be released at 7pm(EST) on November 1st, when the Halloween sets end, and will be available until December 1st.

So far we know that there will be special sets for Movember, 8 in total, and every week a new collectible will be released along with new players. If all 8 sets are completed by November 22nd, users will be able to access the Movember Master set. We’re not too sure what this means as of yet, but once the cards are released we should have a pretty good idea.

We can assume that cards will receive upgrades throughout the year like they have in years before, but with the sets now in play, we can’t be certain if that will be the same this year. What will the differences be with the Movember cards from sets vs. the ones from packs? Again, we can’t know until they are released.

As you can see from the picture below, the cards look amazing this year and based on the overalls that the players have we can assume that they will receiveĀ upgrades throughout the year as each of them matches their highest overall in HUT.