EA NHL 13 HUT Review

Posted on Apr 12 2013 - 7:00pm by Cody Labelle
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Hockey Ultimate Team or “EA NHL 13 HUT” is by far one of my favourite things to do to pass time. It is really endless fun because there are many different ways you can play it. Like for example you could try and get a good record online or play the market. I do a bit of both. For tips on how to play the market click HERE 

Hockey Ultimate Team

Jonathan toews NHL 13This game also feature a “Team of The Week” or “TOTW” which has players  that are “Stars of The Week” or “SOTW” that are doing good in the NHL (in real life). The “SOTW” cards are boosted usually by 4 but there is also a “Team of The Year” same idea as in “Fifa” games. These cards are like “SOTW” cards but boosted by even more! The “Team of The Year” or “TOTY” has players that have done good all year in the NHL.


Alright so enough talking about player cards lets get into consumables. To start EA has made a HUGE change in the game… players no longer can retire!!! In  previous games players would have a set amount of games they could play and then you wouldn’t be able to Martin Brodeur NHL13play them anymore. But now instead of having players retire, the training cards are not permanent now. The max that a training boost can last is 15 games, you can get this by using duraton cards. Duration cards come in 3 games, 5 games, 10 games and 15 games.  However, there are 2 permanent training cards that you can boost your players with, but they are different. They are the Captain and Assistant Captain cards. Captain cards add +2 all and Assistant Captain add +1 all. They are permanent until you make someone else a Captain or an Assistant Captain. You can have 1 Captain and 2 Assistant Captains.

 Training Cards

The training doesn’t affect a players stats but does affect their team! Team Change cards can be extremely helpful, they boost your team chemistry (which makes your team play better). The final training card that I haven’t talked about yet. It’s the Position Change card. This card will change your players position, but there are some restrictions. You can’t put Position Change Cards on Goalies, and you can’t make forwards go to defence or defense go to offense.

Healing Cards

There are 3 different injuries that your  players can get arm, torso, and leg. So there are different types of healing cards to match the injuries suffered by players.NHL 13 Moments You can get them in 1 game, 2 game, and 4 game. You can also get “Any Injury” cards which work for any injury. There is only one injury that can’t be cured with a card and it is “Fatigue”. “Fatigue” can only affect goalies and they get it after they lose a game. The cure is to make them your backup goalie until their fatigue is gone.

Golden Ticket

There is only one more type of card that I want to talk about, and it’s the “Golden Ticket“. The “Golden Ticket” is a prize that you receive in “Premium Gold Jumbo Packs” and up.

NHL Moments Live

nhl 13 lupalNow that I’ve covered all the types of cards that I wanted to talk about there is one last thing left on my list… “NHL Moments Live”. EA usually releases a new one every week for an important moment that has happened in the NHL within the past week. You can play them on 4 difficulties and the harder difficulty you play it on the more pucks it gives you for your HUT!!!

Overall I think “EA NHL 13 HUT” is great and a lot of fun.