Modern War by GREE

Posted on Jul 15 2013 - 12:10pm by Cody Labelle

Modern War is a browser based game that I’ve been hooked on lately, it has a very simple concept but never gets old! There are many different way you can play the game from being a money farmer to being a war maniac every approach to the game will level you up! In Modern War there are 2 main parts to the game, missions and battles. For missions you conquer territory’s with energy and for battles you attack people using stamina! Recently “Funzio” a.k.a. “GREE” has released a new feature which is Factions. Factions are similar to clans and you go into war with your faction donating money and concrete to the faction to get special faction bonuses to make you stronger! And if you get or already have the game add me to your ally list so we can both be stronger! 233-269-787. Also join the official Cody’s Game World faction! 685-135-671!
Stay tuned for more news and reviews about Modern War!