Ingress not working on Jail-broken iOS Device FIX

Posted on Jul 18 2014 - 3:24pm by Cody Labelle

For any of you trying to play the new Google game “Ingress” with a jailbroken iDevice you might have had problems trying to play the game. Well many people have and Google doesn’t have a help section to fix this so here it is! Before trying this, add this source to get the required tweaks and more for free!

This fix has been tested on and working for game versions 1.53.0 and 1.56.3.

Here’s what you have to do:

1.Use cydia and install TSProtector p

2.Close ingress

3.Go in to setting and find TSProtector P

4.Change ‘Alert’ to allow (Apple system default is allow)

5.Change ‘Once Per App’ off

6.Put ingress in the ‘not allowed app list’

7.Make sure TSProtector P is turned on.

8.Restart phone

9.Start ingress

10. Enjoy!