Fathead Video Game Stickers Review

Posted on Aug 30 2013 - 10:05am by Cody Labelle

If you want to style your room like one of your favorite video games, you might want to turn to . They have many different video game stickers including Gears of War, Halo, and my favorite Assassins Creed III! I have some ACIII stickers in my room and they look pretty sick! We also have some NHL stickers in our basement from Fathead too!

If there isn’t anything that strikes your fancy on the Fathead website they have a service that you can even make your own stickers! SO if they don’t have your favorite sports team, or video game you can get your own custom sticker! If you really wanted you could get a sticker of yourself! Not only do they have video games and sport themed stickers they also have TV Shows like The Simpsons, and Movie themes like Star Wars and The Hunger Games.

Fathead has all professional and NCAA leagues and teams. You can cover your room, computer, car or even your smartphone with Fathead licensed products.