Clash of Clans

Posted on Jun 23 2013 - 8:24pm by Cody Labelle

Clash of Clans is another browser-based game but it is by far one of my favorites! There is just so much that make it better than it’s competition!

In Clash of Clans you can of course make and join clans, by joining a clan you can donate troops, receive troops to help you defend or attack, and also if your clan is really good you can win gems!

By leveling up in Clash of Clans you unlock more features and more ways to strategize your attacks and your defense! From leveling up troops and potions to upgrading Cannons, there is a lot to do!

I also enjoy being in a clan with friends just to take the teamwork to a whole new level!

Overall I think anyone with an iDevice should definitely try this game out and if you already have, join the Cody’s Game World clan just search CodysGameWorld and join!