Candy Crush Saga Review

Posted on Aug 11 2013 - 11:00am by Cody Labelle

Candy Crush Saga is one if those games that are a little more on the casual side, yet it is fun to play by yourself or with friends (via Facebook). Candy Crush Saga has many levels and worlds so if you are dedicated to it, it’ll take you a while to beat. If you wanted to you could beat the game using one thumb because it is so casual, there are different kinds of levels too like Jelly Levels where you have to get rid of all the Jelly in so many moves, or reach a certain score in a certain time ect, also what I find cool is you can see what levels your friends are on! So when you pass a level that they are on it just gives you that extra accomplishment of passing your friend(s). If I’m not mistaken there is a storyline to it but in all honesty the story line makes next to no sense and it’s stupid. But that’s me other people may have other opinions.
That’s all there is to it really. 🙂

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